Thursday, 13 December 2012

Looking forward to a brand new 2013

That is, if the world does not end as prophesized next week.

Anyway, I am looking forward to 2013. I have so much planned for the year! It will be a new beginning for me.

I made one important decision today and I have done it. Moving on, my life will be more enriching.

1. I can blog regularly again.
2. I can feed facebook with more photos and updates. I am such a social media victim!
3. My spiritual life will be enriched with more time and hopefully activities with Jesus.
4. I look forward to nurturing my marriage life as I have pockets of free time for Derrick.
5. My Isaac will be growing so well because I will be cooking a storm for him (and Derrick). And I will be bringing him back home to spend more time with him.
6. My new career begins... I will be the master of my own time and money. Who's to tell me my targets, what time I should start working or how long my lunch should be!
7. I look forward to teaching. Please do contact me if you are looking for tutors. Check out:
8. I am going to pursue my passion in early childhood education.
9. My own home will be ready!
10. My mummy will be discharged and I will make efforts to go see her more often.
11. I will read more magazines and books - again! Oh... Time, how I miss you.
12. I get me-time. Yes! My gym and massage, manicure packages, will be fully utilised again.

2013 will be a get fit, get well, spiritually enriched and marriage fulfilling life. Big year ahead for me! I am anticipating.

2013, I am welcoming you with open arms.