Friday, 14 June 2013

Isaac's new "toy"

This is his favourite new "toy". He drags it around the house, pretends to row a boat with it when I sing "row, row, row your boat", bites and licks it like it's the tastiest lollipop, tries to pick up stuffs with it and help me with my chores. He runs to it the first thing he comes home, wakes up and whenever he is at home. 

Happy Father's Day in advance (to my baby)

The journey of parenting is an arduous and tedious one. It is most certainly not a walk in the park. And fathers are worthy to be commended for their efforts in parenting.

I would like to dedicate this special post to my baby.

From being a child himself (child at heart), he has taken on the role of being a daddy to Isaac. His love for Isaac is indescribable. Even though I feared before delivery about Baby not adapting well, he has surpassed my expectation of him as a father.

There were so many times he controlled situations much better than me. I have learnt a lot from him. Ironically, I read more about parenting and spoke more to people.

In the end, it was him who taught me that every child is unique and thus, no guide is perfect. 

A mother may love her child much. A father's love isn't lesser. Baby has to travel far for his work all over Singapore. He would rush back to pick up Isaac. 

He would settle him while I do the dishes, change his diapers and check if he has rashes or if his stool was normal. 

When Isaac had very high fever, he stayed up to take care of him even though he had to work the next day. He sponged him, took him to the doctor's and fed him medicines and took care of him. There were also the moments of vomiting where Isaac puked all over Baby.

He took care of him so mummy can work, cook, run and enjoy some me-time. All done without assistance. 

For someone who is an only child and have been independent, Baby has stepped out of his boundary and beyond. He is a great father.

His love is like that of Jesus. He gives unconditional love to Isaac. It is a no-wonder Isaac would call "Daddy". And until today, that remains one of his favorite phrases. Sadly, "mummy" isn't in his vocabulary yet. 

Baby may appear nonchalant. Deep down, I know he loves Isaac a lot. He is unknowingly loving him more than himself. No, I am not jealous. Cos he still loves me a lot. I know.

So, Baby Derrick Teng, thanks for all the thins you have done for Isaac and me. No word can describe how appreciative I am. And I am sure Isaac feels your loves and knows because he is happy in your care. He loves to be with you. And he looks forward to being with you.

You have been an amazing father and I am really proud of you. We love you. Happy Father's Day baby.

Being a new parent... Isaac was only 5/6 days old.

Giving Isaac a peck... Lovingly...