Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I am breathing. I am glad. To be breathing. This very simple act of human basic body response is a sign of life!

Yet, have we ever consider the air we breathe?

I just read about noble gases after an enriching conversation this afternoon. Love meeting this friend who always fuels my brain with more perspectives and knowledge.

Instinctively, I came home and researched rare gases. Of them, I saw Argon.

Recently, I saw a documentary film by Tom Shadyac, and Argon was mentioned. I vividly remember it said that Argon exists in the atmosphere since there was an atmosphere. Using Argon as a metaphor to show how interconnected human beings are to our environment, it was said that through breathing in and out of Argon, we share the same breath as those who ever lived. That includes Jesus, Aristotle, the dinosaurs and any other living creatures that breathed!

Breathing the same air, literally! Perhaps that was how this phrase was conjured!

So, gases do stay in our environment. What happens when harmful gases are added to the atmosphere? What if one day, the atmosphere become saturated with the harmful gases?

Will we still be able to continue breathing?

Or at least, breathe with ease?

It is funny how it is so easy for us to forget what the natural human make up is and how entwined we are with nature and our environment.

We have forgotten and only remember our relationship with money - through industrialization and commercialism.

And it was recently as well that I found out Helium is depleting worldwide. That goes to show how one day, everything we have on earth will exhaust from over usage and misuse.

When will human beings realise we need nature to live and not so much of nature needing us to live then?

Will we still be glad till then that we are still breathing when one day, what we breathe are harmful gases?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Champ in the Making

The 3-Mind Revolution by Brian Caswell and David Ciem of Mindchamps is a must-read! It opens up our eyes for the future!

One of the easiest to digest books ever! It was light-hearted enough with relevant metaphors.

The book talked about the revolution of information and knowledge and described how education is no longer effective with rote learning - like how workers used to assemble products at the production line.

I truly agree.

And rote learning takes the fun away!

We, as human learn from interacting with our environment. If we start confining ourselves to learning things to pass our exams, we are limiting our ability to expand our knowledge.

What I don't ever want for Isaac is to fall into the trap of hating to learn. I would like him to continue to be curious. So he will be able to become creative.

The other thing mentioned was the champion mindset. I remember when I was younger, I used to feel less confident about myself because my classmates were all book smart. They used to teased me too.

As I grew older, I realised the difference. The difference was, I was a non-conformist. I spent more time imagining, setting goals for myself, trying different things, daring to risk failures to pursue my own dreams.

I rebelled the system and hated being in it. I constantly fought it. And until today, I want to be in the system to improve it.

I think of different ways to make things work better. And that makes me different. I have a champion mindset, and not just a follower or someone going after the grades.

And I know myself and what I want. I have found my uniqueness, the passion in me and the things I will fight for.

I believe, with the blessing of God and taking the step to pursue my passion, I will succeed like the champions!

Because, a champion mindset will take me far. And through all the trials and errors, I have found myself, my life purpose and my intention.

Therefore, likewise with Isaac, I want him to have a hunger for life. To fight for his own dreams and passion, and to make it work.

Life is too short to chase after money and materials. We must live life to the fullest, with a purpose and the rest shall be by products of our success. It comes from passion and the heart.

Nurturing God's Kingdom

It is official! I am finally pursuing my passion to teach. Not just to teach but to nurture children while serving God!

My true passion is in early childhood but financially, Baby was more keen in me pursuing other levels of teaching.

God has a way with things. He knows our hearts and he will open the doors he wants us to pursue. So, after several prayers and wonders, He led me to Bethel Presbyterian Preschool.

Not only that, he gave me so many signs and answers regarding my desire to be in his ministry. The whole process was so smooth that I was shocked.

How awesome is our God.

Anyway, I am really glad. I will be professionally bettered and part of the pioneer batch.

I shall follow God's guidance into leading his kingdom and spreading his love!

Seriously, looking forward!

Job with a heart

There are not many jobs in the world where you may put your heart in to do, and feel completely satisfied about it, no matter how hard it may get.

Parenting is such a job.

It is the only job in the world that is 100% challenging but 200% rewarding.

The love, sweat, time and effort put into bringing up a child are insurmountable. But all you need is for your child to smile at you, come to you and give you a hug, call "mama" or simply following you around, you know, your efforts have produced results.

Your child loves you back. It is just that simple.Your child is growing day by day.

Looking back to the initial days when Isaac was born, it often brought such sweet memories, I felt moved.

Parenting is a job where you put in so much effort but you ask for little back in return.

It is also one of the rare jobs where your boss is demanding, difficult and may be somewhat tyrant. Yet, you will continue to serve him whole heartedly and love him deeply.

It is one job where you don't get much tangible benefits yet, you are happiest doing it.

I love my son. Everytime I watch him sleep or sing to him at bedtime, I am in awe at how much he has grown.

This is also my best job, ever.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Milo Drum

This evening, I was busy doing the dishes and Isaac wanted to be carried so he could meddle with whatever I was doing.

To keep him occupied, I gave him a milo tin to play with. He enjoyed making music and even slammed the tin. I thought it was tightly shut until I heard an explosive sound. Then I saw the milo tin on the floor with a pile of milo powder.

Isaac had run far away from it to a corner, looking frightened and guilty. It was such a funny sight to see him standing frozen, staring at the strange brownish content from his "drum".

At that moment, I wasn't angry at all. I was responsible for it and cleaned up the mess. Whichever the case, it was a way for him to explore our world and let him grow and adapt.

One day, he will love this strange looking powder as much as mummy and daddy!