Saturday, 8 September 2012

Prepa... Prepa... Preparrazi

Went to this new joint along Boon Tat Street for lunch to celebrate our brother JO's bday.

I thought the name sounded interested because it sounded like paparazzi. Anyway, the choice was made though none of us has been or seen this place before because the prices sounded reasonable. Reviews were decent too.

- I love the cosy outfit of the restaurant or bar. It was one of those places you will want to hang out for tea. Lovely, and simple.

- The restaurant manager was friendly and offered suggestions like combining their fries. We had both truffle and rosemary and Parmesan fries, thanks to his recommendation. Love the generous portion of the fries!

- The sambal pork cheek was awesome. It was tender and definitely not spicy hot. For people who like sambal would definitely criticise that it lacks originality and taste. The prawn penne was lovely. I love how the penne was so al dente.

- The owner, Jeremy was cordial. He came out and talked to us, and gathered feedback.

- Lastly, prices were really reasonable. Cost only $20ish per pax.

- The miso cod was one of the well reviewed dishes on HGW. But it was somewhat disappointing to me. I tasted some of the best miso cods around. This one was a little bit too chewy. It could be possible they soaked the cod in salted water. So, the cod tasted like fish you eat at fish soup stalls. The miso taste was barely available. It was more like clear broth.

I told Jeremy about it. His explanation was they made lunch lighter so executives won't fall asleep after that.

Well, I was looking forward to that melt in your mouth texture for the cod. Hopefully Jeremy will take my feedback into consideration.

- Warm duck salad was forgettable. The duck confit salad at Saveur was more memorable.

- I don't remember any dessert except the plain looking cupcakes.

Well, I am going to go back again to try for dinner. Shall keep a closer