Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I am breathing. I am glad. To be breathing. This very simple act of human basic body response is a sign of life!

Yet, have we ever consider the air we breathe?

I just read about noble gases after an enriching conversation this afternoon. Love meeting this friend who always fuels my brain with more perspectives and knowledge.

Instinctively, I came home and researched rare gases. Of them, I saw Argon.

Recently, I saw a documentary film by Tom Shadyac, and Argon was mentioned. I vividly remember it said that Argon exists in the atmosphere since there was an atmosphere. Using Argon as a metaphor to show how interconnected human beings are to our environment, it was said that through breathing in and out of Argon, we share the same breath as those who ever lived. That includes Jesus, Aristotle, the dinosaurs and any other living creatures that breathed!

Breathing the same air, literally! Perhaps that was how this phrase was conjured!

So, gases do stay in our environment. What happens when harmful gases are added to the atmosphere? What if one day, the atmosphere become saturated with the harmful gases?

Will we still be able to continue breathing?

Or at least, breathe with ease?

It is funny how it is so easy for us to forget what the natural human make up is and how entwined we are with nature and our environment.

We have forgotten and only remember our relationship with money - through industrialization and commercialism.

And it was recently as well that I found out Helium is depleting worldwide. That goes to show how one day, everything we have on earth will exhaust from over usage and misuse.

When will human beings realise we need nature to live and not so much of nature needing us to live then?

Will we still be glad till then that we are still breathing when one day, what we breathe are harmful gases?