Friday, 4 January 2013

The Little Things

In life, we often take the little things for granted. Things such as safety and security. And that's because we live in Singapore, a relatively sheltered nation with strict laws and rules.

So, how often have we felt thankful to be able to walk out of the house, dressed to the nines, looking fashionable and even sexy for some ladies? How often have we felt thankful for being able to hop onto a night rider or taxi tipsy or even drunk without being taken advantage of?

The rape case in New Delhi has shone light on the issues of safety for women in India. Reading an article by author of Beautiful Life about her living in India, made me felt so thankful about living in Singapore.

I am thankful I do not have to cross my arms and look down on the floor when I walk around. I am thankful I do not have to wear clothes two sizes too big for me. I am thankful I can take public transport even late at night.

But I don't take it for granted and start wearing revealing clothes that could get me into trouble. I do keep a watchful eye as I travel at night. When I walk in places I feel uncomfortable about; where prying eyes roam, I do not keep an eye contact with men nor do I stroll. I can't say the same for some ladies, particularly the younger generation.

I have observed teens wearing revealing or body hugging outfits. Some of them are see-through blouses, which they might as well wear their bras. Some are plunging necklines revealing cleavages and offering a peek to their bras. Seriously, you can't blame men for being lured into temptation.

We have been lucky to be living in a safe country. However, with the influx of foreign talents, how can we be sure that the safety we have enjoyed will remain so?

Nobody can. And since we have been brought up sheltered, safety has been taken for granted. And ladies are not well prepared to protect themselves.

Some ladies carry just a small purse out. What makeshift weapons could there be in that small purse?

The rape case also brought to light the vulnerability of being a woman in general. There are cases of women being raped every now and then, even in Singapore.

Should we blame those men then for being unable to control their sexual desires? Or should we, women start taking care of ourselves?

I think it is therefore imminent for women to start carrying items in their handbags that could protect themselves. Women should also learn some defense techniques, especially since we are usually the weaker gender. This should be made compulsory. Defense mechanisms are not just useful locally, but overseas as well as we travel for holidays. Women should also stay vigilant and avoid walking alone in dark alleys or "unsafe" corners. Lastly, women should really look into their wardrobe and start covering up sufficiently to ensure they are not the cause of temptations.

Before ending off, I am reminded of a rape case I read years ago. The woman escaped safely. She succumbed to the rapist but before he penetrated her, she took his erection and broke it. After that, she ran away to make a police report.

So ladies out there, stop taking the safety we enjoy for granted. Start protecting ourselves and stay vigilant. These little things matter.