Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Baby Bump

My baby bump is finally showing.

I am getting seats on the train... Thanks to kind hearted folks. On and off, people do pretend to be asleep. Either that or I am quite good at concealing the bump.

Anyway, some friends already noticed on photos.

I do miss my XS figure and all those tiny, pretty clothes I used to wear... my activities like dancing, running, diving and hot yoga... and the ability to eat a lot of food (my appetite shrunk and I can't eat certain food at all)... and, I do miss looking slim and thin on photos... But oh well, this is parts and parcel of being pregnant. I have already proudly embraced this privilege to put on weight. It IS my entitlement.

So, yes, I do proudly try to push out my tummy more on the train for a seat. I shamelessly tell restaurant folks I am preggy and need my food "now". Haha.

Ok. I sound like I am abusing my pregnancy. But hey! Might as well make the fullest use of this moment, right? *batting eyelids*

Oh yes. I am happier to show off my tummy and look fat.

Here are a couple of photos I realised my bumps are really obvious.

Kick Kick Kick

From those faint bubble bursts to hard kicks, I am finally recognising them as my mini's kicks.

This morning, he gave me a hard nudge to wake up for work. And kicked harder when I decided to laze around in bed longer. That feeling was quite awesome and amazing. Like, how is it possible that something so tiny could have such a strong nudge? How is it possible that something so tiny is growing inside me?

Anyway, yes... Few posts ago, I said that there are life changing events and I wasn't ready to share. Now I am. I am having a baby. And it's a boy. An active one... Like his parents.

We were initially suprised and a little unprepared but now, we have both adapted well and looking forward to his arrival. Baby has also moulded into this father-to-be figure very well. I am so proud of him.

I imagine all the things I could do with my boy - diving, climb mountains (daddy said he has retired from this), running and all the amazing "rough it out" sports.

We are like proud parents-to-be now. Our lifestyles are changing for him to be a part of our lives. Counting down... (although, I am afraid of the delivery...). :)