Monday, 5 May 2014

Lower Seletar Reservoir

So, the story is even my hubby caught HFMD. That doesn't change the fact that we need to work on the house renovation. In view of the carpentry work tomorrow onwards, we made a trip to ikea to buy Isaac's shelf. We hope the contractors would kindly piece them together for us!

After leaving the unfixed shelf at the new abode, we decided to make a quick stop at Lower Seletar Reservoir. This is one of the many attractions we like at our new estate. 

It was a fine day (before the dark clouds gathered) to walk down the jetty. They call it the heritage bridge (if I remember correctly). Nevertheless, I had a pleasant finding. This place is perfect for Isaac to hangout and for us to chill!

It has a small water play area, made of natural looking rocks/boulders. There are fountains spurting, board walks and big steps for parents to sit and observe their children without getting wet. Since it was quite confined, it is safe for adults to just sit and relax, listen to the water, breathe fresh air and look at the still water.

We were not prepare for water play at all so we promised Isaac a return trip. Then we walked on to explore the bridge. Along the way, we stopped and looked at the water and Orchid Country Club's green right across. I have to say, it's pretty scenic. We also spotted a water snake or turtle swimming, occasionally poking its head out. We couldn't make out what it was exactly. There were also tiny dragonflies with blue heads and slim bodies flying about the concrete and boardwalk floorings. Isaac had a good time chasing after them.

At the end of the bridge, there was a platform that looked like a stage. We decided to lie down and looked up at the clouds. We saw a blend of rainbow colours peeking from behind the clouds and a balloon blown away by the wind. We laid there for a few moments, eyes closed and enjoying the quietness of nature.

This is currently our favourite place in the new estate! Picnics and runs shall take place here. 

Pictures below. Enjoy!

Water play with a really small pool. Boardwalk on the side.

When we were leaving, we saw more water jets. It looked fun and very inviting in the hot weather.

Isaac observing the reservoir waters and the greenery opposite.

Daddy and son enjoying the moments of tranquility.

The heritage bridge, interspersed with history about the reservoir.

Exploring with curiosity. Chasing after dragonflies.

Orchid Country Club's golf green right across

Artistic structure at the end of the bridge

Lying down on the platform to enjoy the views above. How often do we just rest and look at the clouds? I am glad we enjoy this all the time. The platform looked like a helicopter pad actually.

Beautiful rainbow coloured light peeking from behind the clouds

I don't know how to get there yet except by car. I'll share if I travel on my own there the next time. Meanwhile, feel free to google! *wink*