Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dare to Dream

It has been five hectic months for me, transitioning from corporate working life to being a tutor. On top of that, taking on an education advisor role at Mindchamps.

Both have been rewarding and satisfying. Now, rewards and satisfaction need not be monetary. But both have enriched my life. I have learnt so much from all the people I came into contact with, including the children. I have enjoyed teaching them and making a difference in them. Additionally, Mindchamps has taught me invaluable lessons I apply in tuition and in nurturing my own child.

I don't mean to sound narcissistic but my students enjoy my classes! It was funny how one girl went out of the room to check on her mum and then told me she told her mum I extended the class. She did not want to end tuition class. Another girl looks forward to seeing me. Of course, these are how the little ones will react.

For the older kids, I am glad I have built trust and confidence by working with them in achieving improvements and moving towards attaining their objectives. To ensure this, I go the extra mile of providing advises on their study styles, possible career dreams (one needs to dare to dream to create a goal) and even remotely checking their works and explaining over Whatsapp.  That's the beauty of social media.

It is usually touching when children/teenagers adopt a positive attitude towards their studies. And it is very fulfilling to know it is due to what you have done.

Following this stint, I decided to take my passion one step further. I applied to be a MOE teacher. I have always wanted to obtain a teaching certificate. Why not now? There is never a better time. And just in case, for some reason I don't get a call back, I have also applied to be a relief teacher. There is of course no guarantee any of these will come through. But, that's all right. I could always try again or try other avenues.

Of course, God is always in control. I am sure he has the best plan laid out for me. I just need to still my anxious heart and rest on Him.

Anyway, this is my latest quote for myself.

"When you have a dream, pursue it. It may not be fulfilled immediately. But if you persevere, someday, it will come true."- ME

Therefore, one of the things I encourage my students to do, is to dream. Dream about what they want to do in their lives in future. Dreams always start small, fuzzy and uncertain. But it has the effect of leading someone to setting a goal for themselves. And this ability to dream, to think about their future, will lead them down the paths of exploration. Eventually, the explorers will know what they want to do in lives.