Monday, 30 September 2013

Isaac's Drawing of a Car

Isaac doodled and said "car". Creative!

Art and I

It has been a really long time since I complete a visual art piece. 

The lack of time and motivation have put off any art piece I tried commencing. Finally, the chance came for me to complete a few pieces. 

All thanks to my art module that I am able to re-engage in something I enjoy. And it's amazing how I still retain certain skills.

Here's a rendition of my Afghan girl. Inspired by Jason Wee's installation of Mr Lee, No More Tears, I wanted to put together something that has a mosaic effect, but more colorful. I retained the idea of a portrait that told a story.

The story of the Afghan girl was a sad one. I wanted her to be in a better situation. The most unique feature must be her arresting eyes. And I maintained her unsmiling look.

Baby said the make over was too drastic that people wouldn't be able to link back to her. My take is, it's my way of telling her story, not the photographer's. And I fantasized for her. That's the beauty of art! I can be all whimsical.

Putting together the art piece was a team effort from Chrystal, Esther, Suhailin and Shirley. We had to complete this piece in 2 hours.

Following this work, I am now inspired and motivated to put together more art works. And I am inspired to make water color, water resist and collage as my main techniques of work.

Life is getting exciting when you engage in your passion. Thank God for leading me back to one of my first loves in life!

Lastly, art is a very important form of learning for children. It holistically build up a child! I incorporate a lot of art in my curriculum. When I am ready and following God's guidance, I would love to expose more children to art.

The next module is music and movement, another love of my life. Anticipating!

Here's my group's masterpiece.

The sketch before the make over. My first portrait sketch in eons.

The final piece that will eventually hang in my new place. I love the collage - use of paper, crepe paper and cloth.