Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What I learnt from Mum's incident...

If there is anything I learnt from my mum's incident, I learnt the importance of insurance.

1. Hospitalisation & Surgery bills can be really hefty. Good to have.
2. An insurance that covers the possibility of loss of ability to work and long-term medical treatments.

I used to want more money so I started with endowment plans. If I could turn back time, I would go straight for an insurance that can cover ill health.

Imagine all you ever wanted is to have a lot of money in your bank. But after saving up hundreds of thousands, for some reason, you become ill health. Then you have to be hospitalised, go through surgery and after that, get a lower paid job, or worse, cannot work. Your income comes to a standstill, yet you have to continue paying to survive.

I think even a mountain of gold will be wiped out in no time. And this is very true after speaking to other patients.

So, I urge those people who are currently young and healthy to think carefully about the long-term future. We will one day grow old and die. Given the kind of lifestyle we lead now - rich food & drink, sedentary lifestyle, stressful work life, late nights and exposure to pollutants, radiation and harmful chemicals in the air, we never know when we would be attacked.

It is always best to prevent. It is also very good to encourage family members to do something for themselves.

Watch yourself, get yourself properly covered and have a lifestyle that loves your body and health. Think of your future generation by being responsible now.

My bestie is a Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent. I have entrusted her to take care of these. So, I know I can rest my mind. I am thankful for an angel like her.

I am also thankful my hubs took responsibility and get himself covered.

Turn of Events

The last few weeks had been an emotional roller coaster ride for me.

One moment, we were happily preparing for my brother's wedding in December... And I was celebrating the joy of the marriages of Kelvin and Steph and Ling and Bird... Celebrating knowing our baby is a boy... Anticipating our Taiwan trip... the next moment, I almost lost my mother to the devil of death.

How is it possible that life's turn of events could happen within such short moments of joy and sadness? But it was. And life is very fragile.

I think we should never take life for granted and we should always love ourselves. My mum's refusal to face her health problems was the reason she reached the extent of almost losing her life.

When the doctor told us that there was a 50% chance of survival from her surgery, the whole family was in tears. We braced for good news throughout the whole period when the surgery was going on. I always thought I would only experienced that in the movies or drama serial. But, we were in real life, prancing up and down the corridor outside the operating theatre, rushing to whichever doctor who came out to find out about her situation or progress of surgery.

It was the worst wait in my life, ever. Every time I closed my eyes and opened them, it was only 2 minutes that had past. When we finally saw the doctor who told us the operation was successful, we were so relieved.

Naturally, the days that followed were not easy. It was a lot of attention on her to encourage her and help her get well. Mummy has always been more on the timid and pessimistic side. So, being by her during the first critical week was significant.

Now that we are in the second week, it is becoming more eminent to keep her spirits and emotions up. She is expected to stay in for another month or so, and go through one more operation. So, in order for her to sustain the stamina to stay positive, we have to keep encouraging her and keep her happy.

It is not easy. And it pains us to see her suffer - all those needles, tubes, drips, blood withdrawal, medicines, nausea... But we have to stay strong. In fact, we have to be stronger than ever so that she can inherit those positive vibes from us and stay strong herself.

I pray and keep faith that she will recover sooner. That she will surprise the doctors and get well faster than they expected. Of course, help her with baby steps without pressurising her.

For all the prayers dear friends and family you have given her and my family, big thanks...