Sunday, 25 January 2015

My life - an update

I forgot all about blogger application! So here I am blogging when little boy is fast asleep. 

So I have officially become a full fledged preschool teacher. I am definitely passionate about it and know that I have much to learn. In whatever I do in this ministry, I want to make sure I glorify God. I am praying for His wisdom and guidance.

Next, I am having a little life in me! It's a princess this time. This pregnancy hasn't been smooth sailing. All I can say is, God has really been my strength and strong tower. I am glad the little girl is growing. And praise be to God that Isaac is very accepting of his soon-to-be status of being a big brother. He often speaks of this sister and even tries to think of a name together with me. 

And here is a really cute conversation to share.

While watching Sofia the first, I asked him if the name would be nice for his sister. He said,"no... It's not a nice name for Mei Mei." Then he continued,"Let It Go is a nicer name for Mei Mei.".

I had such a good laugh. Can u imagine "Let it go Teng"? I think our little girl will query our wisdom in the name selection. We will happily credit it to her brother.

Isaac is growing to be such an adorable and cooperative boy. I really thank God for blessing us with him and for giving us parenting wisdom. All we do is cast our eyes on Him.

Naturally, I do have my challenges at work too. I really pray for his grace and wisdoms.

All right! Till next time.

Latest photo of us!!

P.s. It's another milestone today for us. Isaac wore underwear only the whole afternoon and was able to pass urine in the toilet when needed. Time to stock up on underwear for him!!! My boy is growing really fast.