Sunday, 25 May 2014

Building Memories in His Childhood

3am and I am supposed to be up to read some notes and prepare materials for Monday's lesson. Call it procrastination, I am here, laying wide eyed surfing Facebook and going through photos.

And then I found these photos taken recently with Isaac. When Derrick was busy at work, we enjoyed ourselves being tourists on a Duck Tour and had dinner at the park near our home. We also played with flour outside the house. It was supposed to be play dough making session. But a child his age will only explore. So, it became a messy session.

I love moments like these with him. Just getting connected and spending time building experiences and memories for his childhood.

Duck Tour Day

On the Duck Tour, with Marina Bay Sands in the background. Not quite a good selfie here.

Art Science Museum - I must really make a trip there.

             Enjoying a peck from me

Some of the latest icons and hot spots in Singapore - The Art Science Museum and the Marina Bay Sands

Isaac was able to tell me this was the Merlion. I must have mentioned it before. He kept talking about Merlion "spitting" water after that.

          Yet another icon. The Flyer.
Sleepy at the end of the ride. I must say, the Duck Tour was quite good. It allows you to see quite a snapshot for a more detailed exploration. I would recommend it!

Art and Dinner in the Park

I made pasta and decided that dinner for two in the park would be fun. So, I packed everything and brought Isaac out for art and dinner in the park.

He started drawing everywhere after we did tree bark drawing.

Cleaning up was a breeze. Just pick them up.

Trying to see the effects of the railings

                Colouring the leaves

The art piece - combination of textured drawings. I'd say it's nice!

            Vandalizing on my "tree"

                     Dinner time!

Hungry after all the running about and colouring on different textured surfaces

    Energized and ready to explore again

Flour Exploration

I bought this apron long ago and saved up for painting day. We got too busy to paint and finally, I used it for flour play.

Trying to add food colouring - gotta remove cap?

             Adding flour into water

Enjoying the feeling of mixing dry flour and water

The mess it became. I put him in a bath tub after that so I could clean the mess. It wasn't that difficult considering the town council had someone doing block washing on that day! Coincidental and convenient. Of course, I did my part to clean up as much as I could. 

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